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Many Universities have strict codes of conduct for dealing with cases of Academic Plagiarism.  In the National University of Ireland Galway as with many other colleges, there is a set procedure that is followed when dealing with cases of plagiarism.  (NUI Galway, 2003)

If it is a minor offence the lecturer will have an interview with the offender.  If after investigation, the lecturer is satisfied that a major offence has occurred, the advisor is to choose between three courses of action, depending on the severity of the offence.

  1. An opportunity to repeat and resubmit the work, but where the maximum mark that can be awarded is the pass mark appropriate to the module; 
  2. The immediate imposition of an academic penalty, which would normally be the award of zero marks to the plagiarised work, with no option to resubmit the work;
  3. The submission of the case for consideration by the University’s Discipline Committee.