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Every individual who chooses to go down the road of plagiarising has their own individual reason to do so. Some of which are mentioned below.

The pressures put on students to get top grades, be it their parents, college or they themselves can be immense. The fear of not getting a job, and therefore having no money is a big worry. They don’t care about what they learn as long as they get the grade.

Some people may not have the necessary researching and writing skills. They may not know how to search through library catalogues or reference where they got their information.  They could be taking direct quotes from a lecturer to use in their work, not knowing that this is not allowed.

Many people may be under the perception that everything posted online is public knowledge. A lot of people have the idea that everything that’s posted online is public knowledge and use this in their work. They do not realise that they have to reference this work.

Some people just do it because they can. If the resources are there for a student to get the maximum grade for the least amount of effort then why not. If students spends a lot of time playing sports or doing loads of other extracurricular activities for the college then they may feel they don’t have the time or energy to put in the extra effort of doing the work themselves.

(University of Alberta, 2011)